The Rebellion

What are we doing?

Advocating Staffing as an Art

Achieving the extraordinary


Why are we doing it?

The time has come to overthrow the industry. Specter is leading the recruitment rebellion!

At Specter we recognize staffing as an art. We know that authenticity is the key to succes. It isn’t for everyone, it’s for extraordinary people.

Specter exists for our people. They come first. Without them we have no reason for being. We’re here to help our people pursue, and realise, the things that matter most in their lives. That’s our “why” but we have to give props to our “how” as well. Without it, our “why” might just be a clever idea instead of an actual force that defines us.

How are we doing it?

Freedom is the vehicle through which we achieve our “why.” It enables and supports the pursuit of our greater purpose both on an individual and a collective level.

We have an open-minded environment and highly collaborative, hands-on only culture where initiative and entrepreneurship get rewarded.

Specter goes beyond empowering recruiters to develop their own identity, style and approach. If people know how to do their jobs why do they need a boss? It’s your business after all. We offer a cloud-based platform, cutting edge technology, profound research, extensive experience, professional mentoring, personal brand coaching, supernova energy and lots of laughter.

By offering autonomy and rewards unparalleled in the market, we continue to attract and engage the industry’s finest. Our recruiters are free to unleash their full passion, agility and expertise toward achieving extraordinary results.


Leading the recruitment rebellion