Join the rebellion

A young, ambitious and antifragile team, conquering the market by matching desires in a timely and relevant matter.

We’re advocating staffing as an art and achieving mastery.

All of this while smiling and executing with high energy.


  • … feel inspired by our purpose
  • … have a strong desire for freedom, both personally and financially
  • … aspire to achieve the mastery
  • … expand comfort zones
  • … don’t like to be told what to do
  • … make your own luck
  • … possess an appropriate sense of urgency
  • … anticipate consequences and evaluate alternatives before acting
  • … maintain a positive outlook towards situations and people
  • … tend to admire, not to criticize
  • … solve problems and look for solutions
  • … thrive in a fast paced environment
  • … are also fluent in english

Let’s talk perks

What you will learn

12 Timeless and hard to automate skills



Building teams

Problem solving



Being intuitive

Empathic communication skills

Mastery of self

Entrepreneurial mindset

Ethical decision making

Foresight and vision

What we offer

  • Unparalleled compensation


Leading the recruitment rebellion